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300 to 500 Words

That's all it takes to attract more buyers with a newsletter, even if you can't write.

News Flash: Your potential buyers and collectors are waiting to read your stories.

You may think I'm nuts for saying this, but the people who have or will become your most ardent supporters are those who've learned to appreciate who you are as a person more than the work you do.

I know they should love you for your art, not your personality, but if you think about the people who buy from you repeatedly, is it because you make nice things or because they've learned to enjoy you?

Your Newsletter is Algorithm Insurance.

Of course, you could spend your time on Instagram and TikTok trying to engage with the dwindling number of individuals who get to see your posts, or you could take a more active role and invite people to see and read what's happening behind the curtain.

Social media is a rented audience that gets throttled back through an algorithm you have zero control over.

With an email list and a simple newsletter, you have a captive audience, and you decide when and how often you can reach out to them.

Social media is easy, cheap, and comfortable, but if the corporate overseers suddenly turn out the lights on your account, what do you do to save your business?

Mark Zuckerberg can't stop you from sending messages to your newsletter subscribers.

They Invited You In.

You've grown up on the internet being bombarded by SPAM, and the last thing you want is to do that to others. Nobody wants to be part of the problem.

The thing most people forget about having a newsletter is that the people who signed up chose to do so on their own. They gave you permission to send them news, information, updates, and stories about you and your work.

However, not all newsletters are alike, and to avoid being one that gets ignored every time you post, it requires strategy.

The good news is that the strategy is simple and can be easily replicated in ways that keep your readers engaged, turning them into repeat customers because they've learned to love you and your work.

Choose Your Words goes live in January.

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